How do I build credit if my credit application was denied?

If your application for credit was denied, you can still build your credit in the following ways: 1) Join a Lending Circle, 2) Become an authorized credit card user, or 3) Improve your current credit.

  • Join a Lending Circle: Across the world, friends and family come together to lend money to each other. With Lending Circles, we’ve transformed this practice into a safe way to build your credit. MAF’s Lending Circles have transformed this practice into a safe way to build your credit.
  • Become an authorized credit card user: Ask a trusted friend or family member to add your name to their credit card account. It is important that both of you manage the line of credit to keep the account in good standing.
  • Improve current credit: Begin taking action on improving your current credit. Decide to pay down high credit card balances or pay off the smallest debts.

Take steps to build your credit by joining a Lending Circle, becoming an authorized user, or improving your credit. Being denied credit can impact your ability to access financial products. Just like you, your credit is resilient and can bounce back better than ever.

Wondering if checking your credit report lowers your score? Visit our following article to learn more: Does checking my credit report lower my score?

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