What is online banking?

Online banking is a safe and secure way to access your bank account information online. Most banks allow you to create an online account to access your bank account via the bank's website or mobile app. 


Why should you set up online banking? 

There are many advantages to signing up for online banking. You will get access to many convenient services such as: 

  • Online bill pay 
  • Online bank transfers 
  • Ability to deposit checks 
  • Access to your bank's mobile app (if they have one) 
  • Quick and easy access to check your balances and transactions 
  • And more 

For more information on what services your bank offers, visit your bank's website or contact your local branch. 


How to set up online banking? 

To set up your online banking account: 

  • Visit your bank's website and look for a "sign in" area
  • Look for a link to sign up for online access or to create a login account 
  • You will usually need the following information to sign up: 
    • Your bank account number 
    • Personal information to verify your identity such as your Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number and Date of Birth
  • Follow the steps provided by your bank on the screen to create a username and password. Be sure to safely save this information for future use 

If you need extra support creating your online account, we recommend you contact your bank's local branch. 

Don't have a checking account? Visit our article: How do I open a checking account? 

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