What is the MAF Immigrant Families Recovery Program?

Immigrant families who have been excluded from federal aid and programs are eligible to participate in the Immigrant Families Recovery Program. This unprecedented new program will provide eligible immigrant families across the country with monthly cash assistance (as a gift) and relevant financial services to support them in their financial recovery journey.

Kindly note that the application is not open to the public. Instead, we're sending invitations to eligible families who previously received a grant through MAF’s Immigrant Families Fund. 

If you have been invited to submit a application, please visit the following articles for more information on how to apply and eligibility requirements:

Important Note: Remember, this program is by invitation only. If you do receive an invite to apply, please do not forward this invitation since we won't be able to assist people who have not been invited. We do not have a waiting list. 

If you have already submitted your application, we will be in touch with information regarding next steps. In the meantime, please check out our following available resources: 

  • MAF Financial Services, where you can get access to free financial coaching, Charlas Financieras, and more.
  • COVID-19 Resources Finder, where you will be matched with local community resources you may be eligible for based on your information.
  • COVID-19 Help Center, where we have gathered various community resources.
  • MAF Programs to get connected to our 0% interest loan programs such as Lending Circles, Business Microloans, or Immigration Loans.
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