What filing fees do MAF’s immigration loans cover?

MAF offers zero-interest immigration loans to cover filing fees for a number of USCIS applications, including:

  • Citizenship
  • Green cards
  • DACA renewals
  • TPS
  • Petition for immigrant relatives
  • U Visa

Your loan amount would depend on the USCIS filing fee(s) for your immigration application. If approved, MAF will issue and send you a check made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the different immigration loans available, check out the table below:

Filing Forms & Fees Loan Amount Monthly Payments


(USCIS Form N-400)

$725 10 months x $72.50 
$640 (if 79 or older) 10 months x $64

DACA Renewal

(USCIS Forms I-821D, I-765 and I-765 WS)

$495 10 months x $49.50

Temporary Protected Status

(USCIS Forms I-821, I-765 and I-765 WS)

$495 10 months x $49.50

Green Card

(USCIS Form I-485)

$1,225 10 months x $122.50
$1,025 (under 14 or over 79) 10 months x $102.50

Petition for Immigrant Relatives

(USCIS Form I-130)

$535 10 months x $53.50

U-Visa: Advance Permission

(USCIS Form I-192)

$930 10 months x $93

U-Visa: Employment Authorization

(USCIS Form I-192)

$410 10 months x $41


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